The iLightz app is

Mind Gear, born and bred in the U.S.


Mind Gear was founded in 1988 in Marina Del Ray, California, and in 1992 moved to Mentor, Ohio. With the release of the iLightz II system, we have produced 8 AVS devices. Each device builds on the technology and innovation of its predecessor to form a lineage of refinement and advancement. We are constantly honing our technology through research and testing, and evolving our devices with the advancement of technology.


The goal of Mind Gear has always been to make products that are state of the art while at the same time being accessible to all users. The iLightz II device continues in the tradition of its predecessors, exemplifying professional quality and unparalleled value. Our product is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States for both a higher product quality and a dedication to economic responsibility.

Unleash your mind's full potential!


Imagine holding the keys to the doors of your mind; holding the secret to unleashing your mind's full potential. Audio Visual Stimulation (AVS) devices have been around for years, allowing people to see new possibilities and harness their innate creativity. Although this technology exists, most people know very little about it.


We at Mind Gear want to see AVS technology flourish and spread to as many people as possible so that everyone can share in the benefits and experiences gained through mental-stimulation. We believe that in order to help AVS become a more widely used technology, the modern user demands a simple interface that delivers powerful effects. Our product, the iLightz II is the first AVS system to take advantage of AppleĀ® technology to deliver a user friendly, portable system.

iLightz systems are available for as low as $199.00. Or upgrade to  include our high quality Bluetooth headphones for only $50.00 more!